Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga practice is a valuable opportunity for a pregnant woman to re-energise mind and body and is widely recommended by midwives and doctors as a way of keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy. You will be guided through gentle stretching and strengthening sequences, yoga postures (asana) modified for pregnancy, breathing exercises and deep relaxation.

1-2-1 sessions available in North Curry or at your home in the Taunton/ Langport areas.
Suitable from the second trimester onwards.

£100 for a package of 3 x 1 hour sessions at intervals/ frequency to suit you.
Includes development of an individual self practice programme to enable you to build safe and appropriate pregnancy yoga practice into your daily routine. One-off and small group sessions also available subject to demand.

Beccy Swaine BWY Dip, BWY Pregnancy Module

Why Yoga in pregnancy?
Yoga for pregnancy is gentle with a restorative focus, allowing the body to release its tiredness, find space within and re-energise.
Moving the body through a sequence of flowing movements increases blood and oxygen circulation, joints are mobilised, muscles are toned and the lymphatic system is stimulated. Yoga is a holistic discipline and this approach will be reflected in classes to encourage an all-round sense of well-being.
Yoga helps release stress and tension which can aggravate common conditions of pregnancy such as insomnia, fatigue, back-ache etc. Breathing techniques soothe the nervous system and settle mind and body.

During pregnancy there is increased demand on all the body’s systems. As a woman’s weight and centre of gravity changes there is extra stress on joints and ligaments which often lead to back and pelvic pain. Yoga can help women adapt to the changes that come with pregnancy and find ways of relieving and managing common conditions.
Focus on the pelvic floor during yoga practice is very useful, toning the muscles to support the growing weight of the uterus and also for birth and postpartum. The ability to release and relax the pelvic floor muscles is also essential for labour.
Yoga encourages a person to travel inward, to get to know their body better and understand its signals. A valuable quiet space is created to nurture the mother and her bond with the unborn child.